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Simplicity seems to be the catch word of our decade especially when it comes to making quilts. It is simply fun to design, create, sew, quilt, and present these one-of-a-kind gifts. Some of us try to sell these beautiful pieces of handcrafted artwork, but who can put a value on this craft. Who understands?  We do!  We, the patchworkers.


Although I would classify myself as a tradtional quilter, I am excited by the new fabric lines coming to the market with brighter, fresher designs which give tradtional block-making interesting again. Just like a special quilting pattern can give a quilt a whole new look, the fabrics can put a new spin on patchwork.


Here, in Germany, patchwork is "back to the roots." Fabric is not that easy to come by. The fabric and quilt shops are few and far between. But, when you are lucky enough to find one, be prepared to spend a pretty €uro cent. Why? The large manufacturers produce their fabrics in Asia, have then sent to the United States for sale, and are bought from EU importers and imported to Germany. Basically, a meter (a little more than one yard), costs about 16,50€.  The basic material costs for simple a baby blanket are around 80€.  I am so impressed when I see my German patchwork friends coming up with stunning quilts, table runners, pillow cases, etc. just from old bedding or even worn out jeans! Now that is patchwork!


Keep patching and thanks for stopping by. Next time, grab yourself a cup of warm coffee before you start.


I like to work according to the SEP approach - simple, easy, practical.

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