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Hi and welcome. My name is Karen Ackva. I am an American quilter living my dreams in Southern Germany. I started quilting in Germany two decades ago when I wanted to make my first German nephew a baby quilt. I asked my sister to send me some fabric from the United States (since I had NO CLUE where to find it here in Germany). It was a very simple Winnie the Pooh "Krabbeldecke" or baby blanket with a coordinating pillow in bright, primary colors. Since then, I have found my true profession of a quilt designer, instructor, author, and quilt pattern writer/publisher. I love learning new techniques and love to share them even more.


My philosophy is simple | easy | practical - if it doesn't fall into one of those categories, I probably won't make it or design it.


Why did I pick the name easypatchwork? It is my goal and commitment to take techniques & patterns, deconstruct them, simplify and put them back together again in an easier, simplified way. I put the easy in patchwork.

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