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Below you will find original patterns for direct download designed and made using the SEP principle - simple, easy, practical.


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These patterns are free for non-commercial, non-profit, personal use. Please contact me if you would like to publish any or part of the patterns below as well as classes for your patchwork store. All Designs © 2012 - 2019 Karen Ackva - easypatchwork

Fabric Basket Cheatsheet

Dimensions and Language: English


Basket Size: 5 1/2" x 6" x 10"

Difficulty Level: Beginner


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Fabric Basket Cheatsheet
Quick Reference Guide for Sewing a Fabric Basket
PDF-Dokument [5.0 MB]

Orange Peel Pincushion Templates

Dimensions and Language: English


Block Size: 1 inch x 1 inch

Difficulty Level: Advanced Beginner with FPP Knowledge


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Read more pattern ideas here.

1" Diagonal Strip Block Templates
for the Orange Peel Pincushion by easypatchwork
PDF-Dokument [443.4 KB]

Fall Freebie Pair o'Pumpkins

Dimensions and Language: English


Block Size: 10 inches x 12 inches

Difficulty Level: Easy


Alternate Block Pattern for "Bad Kitty in the Pumpkin Patch" sold separately or Stand Alone Block


Read about more pattern ideas here.

Pair O' Pumpkins Block Pattern Freebie
PDF-Dokument [138.3 KB]

Windmühle Falttechnik

Dimensionen und Sprache: Deutsch


Blockgröße: 10 cm x 10 cm

Erfahrungsgrad: einfach


Diese Tutorial würde für meine Nersinger Patchworkgruppe erstellt.

Windmühle Falttechnik
PDF-Dokument [401.9 KB]

Alternate Cutting Instruction from a 10" Stack for the Long Island New York Beauty

The original pattern uses yardage. If you would like to use a Layer Cake instead, you can download this alternate cutting instructions sheet which uses 22-23 different 10" squares and additional 5" squares.


If you wish to purchase the pattern, please contact us directly, and we will invoice you directly through PayPal.

Alternate Cutting Instruction using a Layer Cake
This is not a free pattern, but an alternate cutting instructions sheet as an additional freebie to the original pattern.
layercake_cutting instructions.pdf
PDF-Dokument [869.1 KB]

Linear Refraction

Sixty degree triangle quilts are easy to make. This pattern throws in a parallelogram for added interest and additional shapes. Make it one of two colorways - ice or spice.


Quilt Stats:

38½ x 38½” or ~98 x 98 cm

Triangle Height 4.75”

Triangle Width 5.5”

Difficulty: a slight challenge


This quilt was designed for a Robert Kaufman Kona Cottong Solids Challenge.

Linear Refraction
PDF-Dokument [201.5 KB]

Gefaltener Stern

Anleitung ins deutsch aus dem englischen übersetzt.


The popular technique of the fancy folded star written by Maria Wallin of I used the technique to create an almost sewless star with WOW effect. You can get the German translation here for download.

gefaltener Stern - anleitung in deutsch
gefaltener Stern_ep_Wallin.pdf
PDF-Dokument [4.7 MB]

Prairie Traditions

Prairie Traditions is made with ca. 23 fabrics from one 10" Moda Layer Cake, some white and red. This is a really great pattern to use up those medium sized scraps and a stunning traditional block lap quilt. And when you add cotton batting, it is oh so warm and comforting.


Check out another colorway at the Moda Bake Shop.


Block Size: 6"

Quilt Size: 45.5 x 54"

Difficulty: easy +1

prairie Traditions - Layer Cake Friendly
Prairie Traditions.pdf
PDF-Dokument [201.4 KB]

The Casually Pieced Rückseite

Do you have a lot of scraps laying around or want to use up those scraps from praire Traditions? What a wonderful way to make a speedy quilt either for the front or for the backside. All you need is 1.5 yards from your favorite print, a little white and your scraps. You will have a very modern and striking  backing panel in no time.


Rückseite means "reverse side" in German.


Quilte Size: 50 x 58"

Difficulty: very easy

the casually pieced Rückseite
PDF-Dokument [189.4 KB]

Please keep in mind, all rights are reserved. You may print and sew, but you are not allowed to sell the finished product from these patterns. You may neither sell sell nor publish without written prior permission from easypatchwork.

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