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Show your pride of participating in the Transparendo Sewalong starting in September 2023.

Traditional Blinkie

The illusion of transparency is demonstrated with the layerubg of an X-block on top of a larger X-Block. The blink effect allows you to visual the transparency even easier.

Playful English

Reminiscent of the Big 80's with slightly fatter text and a true playfulness, this blinkie eludes your ability to have fun! Hover and right click on the image. Save to your device. Upload.

Clean and Simple Blinkie 

A fun and playful blinkie featuring the Disappearing X Block, one of my favorites featuring a downsized X-block overlapping the bottom, right corner patch of another X-block.

Sewalong Spaß

Das Du dabei bist, sagt es schon alles aus über Dich! Du bist motiviert, engagiert und liebst es zu nähen, so wie ich. XOXO

Transparendo Sewalong

We've been working hard behind the scenes to bring a Transparendo sewalong to you this fall. Verena from einfach bunt Quilts and myself have put our heads together to offer you a free sewalong that you can enjoy at a leisurely pace.

The sewalong starts on Sunday, September 10, 2023 and will run for 15 weeks. That means, each week you will have another assignment to accomplish. At the end of the fifteen weeks, you can enter your finished quilt top for your chance at winning a copy of the full version of Electric Quilt 8 (EQ8), the choice software for all of my quilts.

Along the way, you will have the opportunity to win other great prizes from our awesome sponsors such as Steidel & Becker and Quilter's Dream Batting!


Keep up with the schedule by reading the weekly updates on the blog. Click here to read more.


Boomerang - Free 10" Transparency Quilt Block

FREE Boomerang Quilt Block
Free for all transparency quilt block lovers, our 10" modern Boomerang block is perfect for all who love simple, easy, practical quilt patterns!

Block pattern includes:
• Step-by-step illustrated and written instructions
• Cutting chart for quick reference
• How to create the transparency effect from three fabrics
• Additional quilt idea with fabric requirements

Share your quilt blocks on social media: #boomerangblock #easypatchworkpattern #transparencyquilt

Click to download:
PDF-Dokument [907.0 KB]
Created for EQ8 - 30 Year Anniversary - Pearls of Wisdom

Pattern includes:
• Full-Size Templates for all Patches
• Material Requirements for 48 Different Colors
• Step-by-Step Instructions Including Pressing Directions
• 20” Mega Block for Easy Assembly
• Quilt Ideas for Mega Blocks

Click below ->
Fancy Color Wheel Quilt by easypatchwork[...]
PDF-Dokument [5.4 MB]
Locked Squares Quilt Block and Quilt Freebie from easypatchwork
Locked Squares Free Quilt Block from eas[...]
PDF-Dokument [1.5 MB]
Pair O' Pumpkins Block Pattern Freebie
PDF-Dokument [138.3 KB]
PDF-Dokument [201.5 KB]
prairie Traditions - Layer Cake Friendly
Prairie Traditions.pdf
PDF-Dokument [201.4 KB]


Für den deutschsprachige Raum

Locked Squares Quilt Block Gratis Anleitung von easypatchwork
Locked Squares Gratis Quilt Block Anleit[...]
PDF-Dokument [1.4 MB]
Windmühle Falttechnik
PDF-Dokument [401.9 KB]

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