I am a quilter, quilt & quilt block designer and quilt instructor. My first published design was a quilt block found in Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks in 2015 called the Gristmill Star. That same block become a quilt called the Sedona Star featured in Quilts from Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks one year later in 2016. Since then, I have been designing, sewing, quilting and teaching everything I know and have learned about the entire quilt making process. Thank you for joining me on this journey and taking the time to drop by.



I was born and raised in Michigan, USA and moved around quite a bit with and without my parents. I have travelled all over the east coast of the United States.


Art and math were my two strongest classes in school. I remember winning a pen in my middle school art class a couple of semesters. As much as I loved the arts, I never thought you could really make a true living with it.


After finishing high school, I went to community college to learn the profession of a photographer. Unfortunately, my self found independence won over my self-discipline. Needless-to-say, I flunked out of college and found a real job in manufacturing.


I worked full-time but continued learning. With the help of my company, I completed a Bachelor of Science at in International Business and an unoffical minor in German. It took me 10 years to get my degree, but hey, that's what happens when you put YOURSELF through college. I took one year off from my full-time job to study overseas through two different "Year Abroad" programs - one semester in Heidelberg and one in Freiburg, Germany. Those were both great experiences, and am I happy that I took the leap.


After I returned "home," I still yearned to return to Germany and found a job in Bavaria and took another great leap. Although my job was pretty technical, I still stayed very creative.


Life followed the typical path of marriage and family. Our little babies have grown into teenagers and our current home is in Bavaria, Germany.


My trademark, red hair was traded for natural gray in 2020. It has been a wonderful transition.


I made my very first patchwork blanket back in 2003 when my German nephew was born. I asked my sister to send me some fabric from the United States since I had NO CLUE where to find it here in Germany. It was a very simple Winnie the Pooh "Krabbeldecke" or baby blanket with a coordinating pillow in bright colors. I still like the bright colors and am still making "Krabbeldecken." There always seems to be a baby in the works. I have also found that new mothers really appreciate the work that goes into these little treasures.

Since that very first blanket, I have found some really nice patchwork and quilting groups.  They are almost like a secret society here, hidden deep in the woods. When I find a good one, I stick with it. It is such a great outlet to exchange experiences and designs with each other. We are all struggling artists.

Thanks for stopping by. Next time, the coffee is on the house.

Kind regards, Karen


Ich bin Amerikanerin, die seit 20 Jahren in Deutschland lebt. Zum ersten Mal bin ich im Rahmen meines Auslandsstudiums hierher gekommen. Dannach zum arbeiten zurück gekommen. Die Liebe hat mich ganz fest gehalten und gefangen. Bin ich noch Amerikanerin, fragt ihr? Ich bin quasi dazwischen! Ich behalte meine amerikanische Paß und auch Traditionen, obwohl ich sehr von der deutsche Kultur geprägt bin.


Ich habe meine Liebe zum Patchen und Flicken entwickelt, als ich eine Decke für meinen ersten deutschen Neffen genäht und gesteppt habe. Seitdem finde ich immer etwas zum nähen und oder auszuprobieren.


Ich freue mich über euere Einfälle und Ideen.  Bitte hinterlasst einen kurzen Kommentar oder auch Kritik.  Vielen Dank! 


Mit lieben Grüßen, Karen

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