Have you every wanted your own, personalized quilt made by an artist's hands?

All handwork and crafts must be valued and treasured for what they truly are - gifts of love. They are made from imperfect, human hands with valuable craftsmanship experience. Each of those imperfections is a signature of the artist who creates the quilt. As a master quilter, I will limit my signature on my quilts with subtle imperfections.


My quilts are not only beautifully designed and well thought through but also endure the strength of time that excellent craftsmanship encompasses. That craftsmanship will keep its value over time.


Each and every one of my quilts is a true labor of love. I will work with you on your design ideas and transform them into a throw quilt, bed quilt or wall art hanging. After the design is set, we will move onto the fabric selection. Do you like more traditional or modern? Are you drawn to geometric shapes or florals? Then the quilt will move onto the production phase. Your quilt will be lovingly made with 20 years of quiltmaking experience to create a premium, heirloom quality quilt. My quilts are known for their craftsmanship as well as their design.


All custom-made quilts are made with 100% cotton fabrics with a cotton (or cotton blend) batting. Commisioned quilts start at 400€ for small sized quilts. A realistic bed quilt may range up to 3000€ depending on design and time required to make the quilt.


All orders accepted within the EU. Rates for non-EU countries vary according to shipping rates. All Customs and Duties are the responsibilty of the of purchaser.


If you are interested in a full size, queen, king, sofa throw (lap quilt) or have something else in mind, just contact me. I would love to hear from you.

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